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Enhanced breasts are seen everywhere from magazines to the big screen, making it seem that everyone who wants to be someone needs to go under the knife. The road to perfect breasts through augmentation surgery however is paved with potholes of danger. There are reports that state that 3% of all women who have had breast implant surgery have reported problems with leakage and deflation within three years of getting surgery.

There are currently two types of implants available: saline and silicone. Saline implants are filled with a mixture of salt water, and there is little danger involved if one of these happens to leak . Silicone implants, on the other hand, pose a serious danger to the body if they happen to leak. First, a leaky implant can take a long time before it is detected. Secondly, the gel may reach the lymphatic system and other sensitive parts of the woman's body. If this happens, other surgery might be needed in order to remove the gel. This gel might prove exceedingly difficult to remove and some medical experts have suggested that it may also lead to connective tissue disorders.

Believe it or not, breast implants have been around for over Forty years now. Silicone was the first substance to be used, but the later use of saline help make the procedure much more popular. Last year alone, 300,000 were done in the United States. Silicone implants were actually banned for a time in 1993, until they were reinstated after a definitive connection between them and disease could not be made. There are currently only a few companies in the United States that are allowed to make breast implants, but other countries have no such restrictions.
  • Causes of Leakage or Deflation
  • Damage by surgical instruments
  • Overfilling the implant with saline
  • Closed capsulotomy
  • Stress and trauma
  • Mishandling during mammography
  • Injury to the breast
  • General wear and tear
A FDA study of 344 women in Alabama, all who had breast enhancement surgery prior to 1988 and then agreed to a MRI, showed that 55 percent of the implants were, in fact, ruptured. Another complication of breast augmentation surgery is capsular contraction, where the scar tissue tightens around the breast.

Breast enhancement surgery has become one the most popular invasive surgical procedures performed by cosmetic surgeons in the new millennium with many women willing to face the potential health risks in order to achieve a better sense of self esteem. What many of these women do not know, is that there is a way to increase their bust without going under the knife and facing problems such as scarring and leakage.

Thanks to the information revolution, natural breast enhancement herbs have become increasingly popular over the past two decades. Herbal breast enhancement formulas enlarge the mammary glands and develop new breast tissues in a way that is similar to the onset of puberty. According to some studies, a woman can increase their bust size by one or two cups in just a few months when using these herbs along with other non-surgical methods such as massage or breast pumps.


Estrogen is the key hormone that encourages mammary gland development. Many of the herbs that are used to increase bust size have natural estrogenic properties. These phyto-estrogens help encourage new breast tissue development and make natural breast enhancement possible.

These breast enlargement herbs have been used for centuries and  are a much safer option when you consider  the possible risks involved with surgery (We have all seen or read about plastic surgery horror stories.) While most herbal companies are required to say that their supplements will not work for everyone, there is a very good chance that one of them will work for you. Many of the more reputable companies will even offer a money back guarantee on their herbs, making trying them risk free.

The most popular herbs

The herbs that have been found to be the most useful in breast enhancement surgery are:

Saw Palmetto: A plant native to North and South America that has been used for centuries for a large number of things including reproductive health and hair loss. It is now being looked at by naturopathic physicians and a natural breast enlarger.

Fenugreek: An herb that has also used for centuries in the Middle East. Harem girls used fenugreek to produce more breast tissue, which in turn enlarged their breasts. This is considered one of the best herbs for breast enlargement when taken internally.

Wild Yam: A natural breast enhancer that is also good for overall breast health. It can be used in conjunction with Fenugreek for dramatic results. Wild Yam is a wonderful, natural hormone regulator because this herb contains compounds that are similar to female hormones (progesterone and estrogen). Also, Wild Yam contains a natural steroid called dehydro-epiandrosterone (DHEA) that is said to rejuvenate and give vigor to lovemaking.

Pueraria Mirifica: Also known as Kwao Krua, this herb has been used in Thailand for centuries and is only now being shared with the rest of the world. Thai Scientists have released studies that claim that Pueraria Mirifica can augment breast size by up to 80% ( these results have yet to be duplicated by Western Researchers), Like wild yam, Pueraria has also been shown to be good for the general breast health of women and even help offset the chance of breast cancer. Pueraria Mirifica belongs to soy family, carries phyto-compounds that has similarities with female estrogen. Hence, this compound is also known as phytoestrogen. Pueraria Mirifica is different from other soy plant as its phyto-compound contains Miroestrol and Deoxymiroestrol that is active in estrogenic activities. Estrogen activities in female include, breast development, increase skin collagen, menstrual cycle, strengthen hair roots and improve memory.




Bust Routine
Doing certain exercises can help get you a bigger bust, especially when used in conjunction with other natural breast enhancement methods. Fifteen to twenty minutes of simple exercise a day could give great results and all it takes is on your part is enough desire to commit to a daily regimen. If you stick it out and do these exercises, you should see a transformation start to happen.

Applying pressure to the breast is one way to help stimulate blood flow to the bosom.  You can use your hands, or lean against the wall to achieve this. If your breasts are sagging, simply join you hands, and with your palms touching, apply pressure to the upper area of the breast. This will help improve over firmness and relax the area around the breasts.

Having good posture is also effective in keeping your breasts from sagging. Walking around with a heavy book balanced on top of your head can actually improve the firmness of your breasts and help eliminate sagging.

Pectoral exercises
These two exercises aimed at strengthening the pectoral muscles will also help your breasts appear firmer and higher.

1. Pectoral Press
  • Take a five pound weight in each hand  
  • Stand  with knees slightly bent, feet shoulder width apart, abs tight, and back straight,
  • Bend your elbows out to the side, at right angles to the body
  • Initiate movement of your pectoral muscle by slowly pressing your hands, forearms and elbows together in front of your chest.
  • Slowly move arms back to the starting position.
  • Do 3 sets of 12 for maximum effect.
2. Modified Push Up
  • Lie on your stomach
  • Bend knees, Cross ankles.
  • Position hand slightly in front of your shoulders, with your elbows bent.
  • Tighten your abs and slowly straighten your arms lifting your body until you are balanced on both of your palms.
  • Straighten your spine by tucking your face toward the floor.
  • Bend elbows to bring your body parallel to the floor, then push back up
  • Do not let your chest touch the floor
  • Do two sets of ten, with another exercise in between sets.
These are just two of the many types of exercises that you can do to help naturally increase your bust size. Using other natural remedies such as a cream or supplement in conjunction with these exercises will give you the best results.


Here is a great home remedy for breast enhancement which is based on Althea Root (marshmallow root).

About Marshmallow:

It has very beneficial effects on skin problems and diseases and helps in healing wounds, burns and irritation.

Marshmallow not only has good anti-inflammatory properties, but also seems to boost the immunity at cellular level.

It also has an inhibitory effect in hyaluronidase, which is an enzymatic action in which the hyaluronic acid and other muco-polysaccharides in the connective tissue are degraded.

An inhibition and reduction in hyaluronidase leads to better moisture levels in the skin, as well as boosting the dermal structure and improving wound healing processes, while at the same time reducing skin aging and diminishing inflammation.

Marshmallow Root Chemical Composition: 15-20% mucilage (consisting largely of xylan and glucoseans), flavonoid glycosides, phenolic acids, tannins, up to 11% pectin, asparagin, up to 38% starch, polysaccharides, phytosterols, fatty acid esters and a lecithin.

Here is the great tested home remedy:

Take 3 table spoons of dry marshmallow root, add 3 cups (1cup = 8 oz or 240 ml) of cold water, put it on heat and boil it for 15 minutes. Filter the extract. Drink 1/3 cup 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals. At the same time apply compresses to your breasts using the same extract (just wet a towel in the extract and apply it as a compress for 20-30 minutes at night).

Drink the extract for 1 month, then take a 7-day break, then drink it again for 1 month, then take another 7 day break. Repeat until you get desirable results. It takes about 3-12 months to make breasts 1 size larger. I know that most women who tried this remedy actually enlarged their breasts in 2 sizes in 12 months.

By the way, marshmallow root is one of the ingredients in expensive commercial products made for breasts enhancement.